C. H. Lazarovich

Immerse yourself in the emotional journey of Mary as she finds solace and healing on picturesque Kilkare Island. Another Side of the Heart is a heart-wrenching tale that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions.

“A stunningly good novel full of depth and originality and driven by a compelling central character. The moving and enthralling story explores difficult issues with insight and inspiration, leaving the reader with a sense of thought-provoking fulfillment.”

-Book Review Directory

Released September 29, 2023
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Another Side of the Heart

A Moving Account of A Woman's Awakening...

Nearly a year after the sudden death of her 21-year-old daughter, Mary leaves New York City to spend the summer alone on Kilkare Island while her neurosurgeon husband travels to Europe for work.

When Mary encounters a young woman the same age as her dead daughter, Mary connects with her, only to discover that the young woman’s father is Atonio, Mary’s first love. Mary finds herself questioning the sacrifices she made to live a life she thought she should, and the difficult choice she made as a teenager that changed her life’s course.

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About C. H. Lazarovich

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my website. 

I’m the author of Another Side of the Heart. My debut novel sparked excitement with early readers: The story “is so much about marriage, motherhood, abortion, resurrecting an old love, decisions a woman makes about childbearing, youth choices … ” and “The novel owes more to literary fiction with its beautifully nuanced and multi-layered narrative … “

I live in southern New Jersey, and was a freelance journalist under my real name Catherine Laughlin for magazines and newspapers. I also teach writing at Temple University Klein College of Media and Communication. I often gravitate to stories that chronicle the experiences of midlife women, and that there’s a complexity to the lives of older women that’s often underplayed in the arts. I hope that Another Side of the Heart fulfills some of that void.

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